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Subject syllabus Hindi Questions based mostly on language comprehension, pronounced antonyms, synonyms Question based mostly on Bhava Pallavan, Expression Expansion, Sentence – Inaccuracy Correction, Sentence Change Word Formation Questions, Multiple Words Antonyms, One Word to Phrase Questions Questions based mostly on Idioms, proverbs Questions based mostly on Samas Vigraha, distinction and abbreviation of Samas Sentence Difference (Based on Structure, Meaning) Sentence Conversion Question on Word Pair poetic sense Definition of Poetry – Questions based mostly on Bhed, Muktaka Poetry and Management Poetry Rasa – Definition, Organ, Distinction and Example Alankara – Vakrokti. query on hyperbole Verse – Geetika, Hargitika, Ulala, Rola Rasa Introduction, Anga, Rasa Bheda – Alankar verses and definition of poetry with examples and distinction of poetry Regional dialect-puzzles, jokes, folks songs, introduction to folks tales and their translation into Khari Boli. Information about Hindi language magazines to be published in Madhya Pradesh. Unseen Passage One Passage – Title, Summary and Questions One Passage – Title, Summary and Questions english Articles, Prepositions and Voices Era modal and deterministic assertion and clause Passage Writing – Factual / Discreet Common Sense General Knowledge on Madhya Pradesh Indian GK, History and Geography Indian Politics and Economics current affairs Verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning patterns, coding-decoding watches, odd one out Seating Arrangement and Puzzles Mathematics, Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology


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