(MIG Plots) Jagananna Smart Town Housing Scheme 2022: MIG Application Form, Eligibility


AP Jagananna Smart Town Scheme Apply Online | Jagananna Smart Town Scheme Application Form | జగనన్న స్మార్ట్ టౌన్ పథకం | Jagananna Smart Town Scheme Application Status

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been launched Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022. Under this scheme the government will provide personal housing to the folks. All those folks of the state who do not have their personal residence and they belong to middle-class group will be given the profit of this scheme. The space of ​​the home will be 200 to 240 sq. yards and will be distributed to the MIG group. In this article, complete info about Jagananna Smart Town Housing Scheme has been shared with you. Here you will be given info about the advantages of the scheme, eligibility criteria, documents required and the process of application. If you need to take benefit of this scheme, then read this article fully from starting to finish.[Also Read- YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme 2022: Apply Online, Eligibility & Benefits]

AP Jagananna Smart Town Scheme

Jagananna Smart Town Housing Scheme has been began by the Jagan Mohan Reddy government of Andhra Pradesh to provide housing models at inexpensive costs to center income group households. According to the info given by the Chief Minister about this scheme, 30.6 lakh folks will be given its profit. Along with this, a goal has been set to construct 28.3 lakh homes under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana as a sensible metropolis initiative. Jagananna Smart Town Housing Scheme will primarily profit those folks of medium income group who do not have their personal housing available. This township will be developed in every meeting constituency of the state through which plots will be given to center income group households on no-profit no-loss foundation. [Also Read- Amma Vodi Scheme 2022 Application Form PDF, Registration, Eligibility]

AP Jagananna Smart Town Scheme

Narendra Modi Schemes List

Jagananna Smart Township Official Website Launched

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Shri Jaganmohan Reddy has launched the website for Jagananna Smart Township Application on 11-01-2021 at 11 AM from the Camp Office. AP Jagananna Smart Township (MIGs) has been began to cater to personal households of center class in city and rural areas. That: Any particular person who needs to purchase a home has to register himself on the official website (https://migapdtcp.ap.gov.in/). However, the distribution of homes in this scheme will be done through lottery in a fully clear method. [Also Read- Jagananna Thodu Scheme 2022: Apply Online, Beneficiary List, Status]

  • In this structure, 10 p.c plots will be allotted to the government staff with a low cost of 20 p.c, the applicant who pays the cost of the plot at the time of application will also be given some percentage of shut down.
  • Jagananna Smart Township Program, which comes under the purview of the state government, is getting good response from the folks.

Jagananna Smart Town Pathakam

People are waiting for the application form after it is released by the Andhra Pradesh government. The scheme brochure is the largest replace to our website. If you need to know more about Jagananna Smart Town Scheme, you can read this article in element. The Government of Andhra Pradesh also form a district and state-level committee. In this committee, the Joint Collector, Commissioner, and the Director of Municipal Administration, who formally holds the submit of Chairman, can submit proposals for the approval of the Jagananna Smart Town Housing Scheme. The government’s order is to permit them to choose good websites for middle-income group websites and properties. The location of these plots has employment opportunities, availability of water, close to and transportation to School as well as a medical facility within a radius of 3 kilometers of this 12th zone. The municipality and the municipal company shall not be more than 5 km away from these plots. [Also Read- AP YSR EBC Nestham Scheme 2021: Check Payment Status, Beneficiary List]

AP Jagananna Smart Housing Scheme Complete Details in Telugu

సొంతంగా ఇల్లు కలిగి ఉండడం మధ్యతరగతి ప్రజల కల. ఈ కలను నెరవేర్చడానికి వారు జీవితాంతం పనిచేస్తారు. వారి ఇంటిని పొందడానికి ప్రభుత్వం సామాన్యులతో చేతులు కలిపితే, అది చాలా సహాయకారిగా ఉంటుంది. ఇటీవల విజయవాడ మునిసిపల్ కమిషనర్ ప్రసన్న వెంకటేష్ చేసిన ప్రకటన ప్రజల ముఖాల్లో చిరునవ్వు తెచ్చిపెట్టింది. మిడిల్ ఇన్‌కమ్ గ్రూపులకు (ఎంఐజి) ఇంటి స్థలం (ప్లాట్లు) అందించడానికి జగన్నన్న స్మార్ట్ టౌన్ పథకాన్ని రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వం ప్రారంభించిందని ఇటీవల జరిగిన ఒక సంభాషణలో కమిషనర్ తెలిపారు. ఈ పథకం కింద, విజయవాడ నగర శివార్లలో (5 కిలోమీటర్ల పరిధిలో) ప్రాంతాలు అభివృద్ధి చేయబడతాయి.

చేసుకోవడానికి అర్హులు.

ఒక వ్యక్తి యొక్క వార్షిక ఆదాయం రూ. 3 లక్షల నుండి 6 లక్షల వరకు, అతను 150 చదరపు గజాల స్థలానికి అర్హుడు. వ్యక్తిగత ఆదాయాలు రూ. 200 చదరపు గజాల స్థలానికి 6 లక్షల నుండి 12 లక్షల వరకు అర్హులు. రూ. ఏటా 12 లక్షల నుండి 18 లక్షలు, 240 చదరపు గజాల ప్లాట్లకు అర్హులు.

కావలసిన పత్రములు

ఆసక్తి గల దరఖాస్తుదారులు ఆదాయ ప్రమాణాలు నెరవేర్చడానికి ఆదాయ ధృవీకరణ పత్రాన్ని (రెవెన్యూ శాఖ జారీ చేసిన) అందించాలి

దరఖాస్తుదారు ఆధార్ కార్డును అందించాలి

ఇతర పత్రాల వివరాలు (అవసరమైతే) సంబంధిత అధికారి ఇస్తారు

జగన్న స్మార్ట్ టౌన్ MIG ప్లాట్ల పథకం | ఆన్‌లైన్, దరఖాస్తు ఫారం & ప్రాసెస్‌ను ఎలా దరఖాస్తు చేయాలి *

Overview of Jagananna Smart Town Scheme

Name Jagananna Smart Township Scheme
Launched By CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Year 2022
Beneficiaries Middle Income Group Families
Application Procedure NA
Objective All Citizens of the State Should Have a House
Benefits No citizen of the state will be required to Live in a slum
Category Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes
Official Website https://migapdtcp.ap.gov.in/Home.aspx

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Jagananna Smart Town Housing Scheme Details

According to the notification of Andhra Pradesh government issued on 23 March 2021, center class folks will purchase plots under this scheme. The plots will be informally constructed as a result of visitors disputes and lung house and lack of social and bodily infrastructure, along with authorized disputes. In this undertaking, the government will promote plant and built-in growth of a number of cities of the state. The predominant goal of this undertaking is to provide a secure and environmentally pleasant government. Also, plots have also been developed according to the structure of 200 to 240 sq. yards. [Also Read- YSR Rythu Bharosa List 2021: Online Beneficiary Payment Status 1st, 2nd Farmer List]


AP YSR EBC Nestham Scheme

AP Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022

The Government of Andhra Pradesh also form a district and state degree committee. In this committee, the Joint Collector, Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, who formally holds the submit of Chairperson, can submit proposals for the approval of the Jagananna Smart Town Scheme. The government’s order is to let them select center income group websites and locations that are good for households. These plots have employment opportunities in place, availability of water, close to School and transport as well as medical services within 3 km radius of this 12th zone. The municipality and the municipal company shall not be more than 5 km away from these plots. [Also Read- AP OBMMS Subsidy Loan Status: YSR SC/ST/OBC Subsidy Loan Status 2021]

Benefits of Jagananna Smart Town Housing Scheme

  • This is the space in which the measurement of plot ae 200 to 240 sq. yards is distributed.
  • Only center income teams are eligible to apply for Jagananna Smart Town Scheme.
  • Employment opportunities, School, hospitals, transport services, medical services are available within a radius of 3 kilometers of these sensible cities.
  • Municipal companies and municipalities will be available within 5 kilometers of these municipal areas.
  • Places like Koppolu, Muktinathpaladu, Mangmur, Donka Road in Ongole are now in the record of these sensible cities of the Municipal Corporation.

YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme

  • The Ongole Municipal Corporation has recognized the working locations under the Jagan Anna Smart Town Scheme after the guidelines were issued by the Andhra Pradesh government. The Ongole Municipal Corporations in this scheme have a place in Koppolu, Muktinathpalu, Mangalam Donka. After discovering these locations, the authorities are going to search public recommendation and give their priorities.
  • According to Ongole Municipal Corporation Mayor Gangada Sujatha, the scheme is very helpful for the center income group. With the help of the scheme, households will get residential plots at very inexpensive charges. CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy fulfilled his promise and finest infrastructure as well as sensible city growth throughout the state.

Features of Jagananna Smart Town

  • The state administration of Andhra has proposed to give land to the MIG (Middle Income Group) and create a province with all workplaces within 5 kilometers of the present metropolitan areas.
  • The land space (plot) goes from 150 sq. yards to 240 yards.
  • The annual {salary} of the eligible individuals is 3 lakh to 18 lakh.
  • Representatives of the government can likewise take part in the scheme, contemplating their income as far as potential.
  • This intelligent metropolis plot is an extraordinary exercise by the state government to assure that the central pay group will get a home which they have all the time wished.

Terms & Conditions

This undertaking is under MIG Layouts/Jagananna Smart Townships (JST) by the Government vide G.O.MS.No.76, MA&UD (M) Department, dated 28-07-2021

  • Family having annual Household Income Up to Rs.18,00,000 only eligible.
  • I hereby consent to provide my Aadhaar Number knowledge for Aadhaar based mostly authentication for the function of establishing my identity.
  • The age of the applicant shall be 18 years and above. A certificate to be enclosed to that impact.
  • Initial payment as prescribed shall be paid along with Application and is not curiosity bearing.
  • Only one plot will be allotted for one household.
  • This Application does not confer any proper to any applicant for allotment of the Plot on mere subscription to enquiry.
  • Government / Authority reserve the proper to take up the scheme or cancel or modify the scheme without any additional intimation.
  • The preliminary payment along with cost of application shall be paid in favour of Metropolitan Commissioner of Metro Region Development Authority (MRDA)/Vice Chairman of Urban Development Authority (UDA) through online payment gateway.
  • The Cost of the Plot is only tentative and the ultimate cost will be knowledgeable after completion of the Scheme and is ultimate.
  • Allotment of Plot to the applicant who meets the required eligibility criteria will be done by drawl of heaps.
  • Upon allotment, the applicant shall conclude settlement with the Development Authority involved within one month from date of receipt of allotment letter.
  • The preliminary payment of 10% in case of those not allotted in the lottery shall be refunded within one month without curiosity.
  • If the applicant who has been allotted does not conclude the settlement within the stipulated time, the preliminary deposit shall be forfeited and allotment made will be cancelled for re-allotment to other eligible applicants.

After concluding settlement, the allottee shall pay the instalments as per the Schedule given below (steadiness remaining after preliminary 10% paid with Application)

  • 30% of the sale worth of Plot within (1) One month from the date of concluding settlement.
    • 30% of the sale worth of Plot within (6) six months from the date of concluding settlement.
    • Balance 30% within (12) Twelve months from the date of concluding settlement or at the time of Registration whichever is earlier
    • 5% rebate shall be offered to the applicant who pays 100% sale worth of plot within one month from the date of concluding settlement.
    • Simple Interest of 0.5% per month for the pending quantity shall be collected for late payment for every stage.
    • Cases defaulting past a period of three months for every shall be reviewed by the Urban Development Authority and where allotments are to be cancelled, 10% of the quantity paid until date in addition to the preliminary deposit of 10% will be forfeited and steadiness quantity shall be returned without curiosity.
  • The Government reserves the proper to alter timelines for completion of undertaking in case of any unexpected exigencies.
  • Upon receipt of entire sale worth of plot, the plot shall be registered in favour of the involved allottee instantly by the Development Authority involved. In case of allottee who have paid the entire sale worth within one month to avail the 5% rebate facility, the registration of the plot has to be done preferentially. The registration prices shall be borne by the allottee.
  • Plot Owners Association shall be fashioned for the Project involved under the aegis of the Development Authority upon completion of the Project.
  • For every Project, a Corpus fund by the Plot Owners’ Association will be set up by provisioning it in the sale worth of Plots and this corpus shall be saved in an ESCROW account opened and operated collectively in the identify of Plot Owners’ Association of the involved Project and the Development Authority involved for the upkeep of the Layout.
  • Family is comprising of spouse, husband and single daughters and sons.

Eligibility Criteria of Jagananna Smart Town Scheme

  • The applicant who is a everlasting resident of Andhra Pradesh is eligible for this scheme.
  • Only middle-income group (MIG) households are eligible to apply for this scheme.
  • The plot space measurement is 200 TO 240 sq. yards. If this measurement is good for you then you can apply for Jagananna Smart Township Scheme.
Jagananna Smart Town

Required Documents

  • Interested applicants are required to provide income certificate (issued by the Department of Revenue) to fulfill the income criteria.
  • Applicant must provide Aadhaar card
  • Details of other documents (if necessary) will be given by the officer involved.

Application Procedure for Jagananna Smart Township Scheme

You can apply for plot under Jagananna Smart Township Scheme by following given easy steps

  • First of all you have to visit the official website of Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • On the homepage of the website, you have to click on the choice of “Apply for Plot” in the menu.
  • After this a new page will open in front of you, here you will see the login page. If you are already registered in the net then login to the net by getting into your mobile number and password.
  • If you are a new consumer, then click on the button of “New User Registration“, the registration form will open in front of you.
New User Registration
  • In this form you will be requested the following info like-
  • After getting into all the info click on the register button. Now the login page will open in front of you.
  • Here you have to login your self in the website by getting into your mobile number and password.
  • Now in the dashboard you have to click on the New Application button. After this, you have to proceed by accepting the Terms & Conditions.
Application Form for Jagananna Smart Township Scheme
  • Now Jagananna Smart Town Housing Scheme Application Form will open in front of you.
  • In this application form you will be requested the following info like-
  • After getting into all the info entered by you, you have to tick the declaration and submit it.
  • In this approach you can easily apply online for Jagananna Smart Township by following the above steps

Procedure to Check the Beneficiary List

As we have all seen above, the department will trim application after the utilization deadline expires. Selected application will be moved to the authorization entry and proven overtly. In this new Smart Town Trust introduced in Andhra Pradesh, candidates have been reported to be tight in relation to the application to check the keep of the chosen candidates.


We hope that detailed info about the Jagananna Smart Town Scheme has been given by us. If you need any other sort of info associated to this scheme or are facing any downside, then you can ask us your questions through the remark field.

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What are the advantages offered under the Jagananna Smart Town Scheme?

Under this Jagananna Smart Town Scheme Plots (land) are being given to eligible households. The location of the land to be awarded relies upon on the annual {salary} of the candidate.

What are the sizes of plots accessible under Jagananna Smart Town Scheme?

The plots are 150,200 and 240 sq. yards in measurement.

What is the base annual payment?

Jagananna Smart Town Scheme is suitable for those who have the MIG (center pay bunch) category. In the occasion that your {salary} is between 3 lakh to 18 lakh, you are eligible to apply under this scheme.

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